We support the development of new medicines with focus on targeted Radiopharmaceuticals (PET tracers & Theranostics).

Target Evaluation

You want to target a certain cancer entity, cell population or a biomolecule (such as receptors or soluble enzymes)? Our analysis include targeting strategies, the potential market of a tracer or a theranostic, possible (un)desired clinical effects as well as your competition.

Candidate Selection

What might be the best candidate to start with? The development process include: analysis of potential target binders, SAR analysis, improvements of PK/PD properties, (re-)design of potential drug candidates (tracers & theranostics), chelator & radionuclide selection, design of muli-modal radiopharmaceuticals (such as fluorescently-labeled compounds).

Retrosynthetic Analysis

With a smart retrosynthetic disconnection to economical and commercially available starting materials we can ensure a timely and efficient synthesis of one or multiple drug candidates. No matter if you want to work with small molecules, peptides or biomolecules, synthetic strategies play a crucial role to obtain sufficient amounts for preclinical and clinical trials. 

Synthetic Strategy

We design a synthetic strategy for the unlabeled precursor (including vector, chelator and linker synthesis). We also select suitable radiolabeling conditions for the radioisotope that fits best.

Translational Medicine

We connect you with CROs and academic partners for preclinical evaluation and first-in-human studies and help you to bridge the translational research gap. With the data that are acquired from early clinical studies, we support you in the following clinical development process or help you with the next generation of your radiopharmaceutical that shows improved properties.